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“Before working with Baeth and experiencing her palm reading, I was burned-out and had no clear direction about what I wanted to do in the professional world.

Today, I have a practical plan for my profitable and fulfilling coaching business. I have launched a powerful web site, ezine and blog. I now feel joy and purpose in my life.

This phenomenal change started as the result of my palm reading session with Baeth. Baeth then worked with me as a coach to help me create a strategic plan to make the L ife Purpose she found in my palms, “the Powerful Innovative Healer for Families,”
a reality.

Baeth's encouragement and love have provided me with the courage to take one baby step after another to reach my very big goal.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to transform their business dreams into an every day reality!
- Jane Minkley
Jane Minkley
Master of Education
The Coming Out Advisor,

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In this FREE weekly, I share with you practical, useful tips and strategies for using the information in the palms of your hands in order to live your life purpose joyfully AND profitably. It’s one thing to know your life purpose, it’s another thing to incorporate this knowledge into your day-to-day life in a way that utilizes your unique gifts and brings you a satisfying income. Valued at $197 a year.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Manifest your deepest goals in the material world
  • Own your power, set your boundaries and be the primary authority in your life
  • Create the income you desire (and deal with what’s stopping you)
  • Access your creative abilities (even if you can’t draw a stick figure)
  • Communicate effectively so you are both a masterful speaker and listener
  • Create harmonious family relationships – with your spouse, lover, parent, child or friend
  • Name your desires, release your tolerations, and live with passion and joy
  • Find your inner teacher and share your wisdom with others
  • Think like an innovator
  • Create a successful intimate relationship
  • Listen to your body and become your best healing advocate
  • Manage your physical energy so you aren’t depleted by everyday stress
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Women’s World, Aug. 2005


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