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"I would strongly recommend Baeth's Life Purpose Spiritual Summit to anyone who wants deepen their understanding of their own Life Purpose. Itís also incredible to meet and bond with like-minded people who want to learn about themselves. There is a sense of coming home, when youíve finally met your tribe." 
- Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson, Certified Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA

"I Want My Hands Read, Baeth! I'm READY To Live My Life Purpose Full-Out, No Excuses!"
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Judith and Jim, Authors
The Smart Coupleís Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams

"Baeth Davis has a remarkable ability to accurately explain your life purpose and life lesson by reading the configurations on your palms. This is not fortune-telling palmistry. This is based upon a science being utilized by medical professionals. Baeth was right on the mark - she affirmed our commitment to the work we do and what it takes to get our message out to the world."
- Judith Sherven, Ph.D and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D

Are You Ready to give yourself the gift of hand analysis, commonly known as palmistry? Do you want to be aligned with your Life Purpose and have the empowerment to fulfill the call of your singular soul?

Via a hand analysis session, you will discover your unique Life Purpose is literally at your fingertips! And your palms reveal the secrets of your brilliance, beauty, and creativity in all of its glory. Are YOU READY to solve your own riddle and be part of your own solution?

Is Hand Analysis Right For Me?

As a hand analyst, I have specific criteria for my ideal client. This work is powerful, affirming and life-changing and thus requires a high level of commitment and conscious awareness to your own internal process. A hand analysis session will probably benefit you if you are:

  1. Motivated to do whatever it takes (in integrity) to create what you desire
  2. Pro-active in taking action
  3. Committed to your fulfillment
  4. Open-minded about change
  5. Able to keep your agreements to yourself and others
  6. Trusting of the process of life
  7. Able to take responsibility for your own successes and challenges
  8. Willing to be a LEADER in the realm of your specific Life Purpose 
  9. READY to make an investment in yourself                                                                             

I can lead you to the water of your bliss, but I can't make you drink it. Iíll provide the road map as revealed in your hands. The journey is up to you.

How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to get started right NOW? Great!

Youíll receive your hand analysis session by phone, so you donít need to leave the comfort of your own home or office.

It works like this:
  • Place your order by clicking on the link below
  • My office will send you a hand printing kit with instructions
  • In 5 to 10 minutes, voila! Ė your hand prints are done
  • You mail us the prints
  • We set up a phone session
  • Baeth records the session
  • You receive an audio MP3 download and notes from your session
  • Discover your magic Life Purpose and how to make it a reality!
    Itís in YOUR hands Ė literally!

CLICK HERE to order your session with 1 payment of $1497.00 NOW!

CLICK HERE to order your session with 3 payments of $499.00 NOW!

"Having  a hand analysis session with Baeth is a real eye-opener. While I'm very successful in my business, Baeth showed me a path to even greater success.  If you’d like to find out EXACTLY what your Life Purpose is, what your busines niche is, who your target audience is and how to increase profitability while still honoring your soul, Baeth is your gal. She’s worth every penny. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re here or what's next for you, Baeth will give you the internal clarity, authority and permission to reach for BIGGER, BOLDER goals.” -- Alexandria Brown, CEO, Alexandria Brown International, AlexandriaBrown.com  

Can you get your hands read for a lower investment? Sure. I'm the highest paid hand analyst on the planet - no joke. Many of the people I've trained will read your hands for less... so if your budget is an issue, then check them out. Regardless, the reason to have a hand analysis session with me is for one reason ONLY: it feels RIGHT to you. If $1497 is too much to discover your Life Purpose, then you're not ready to CLAIM your Life Purpose anyway. Seriously. What is that worth to you? If you paid a million bucks to discover your Life Purpose, you'd KNOW it wasn't about the money after all. So WHY is it $1497? Because what you put IN, is what you get OUT. I'm only interested in working with people who have DECIDED to be of SERVICE to themselves and the planet in a BIG WAY. If you're still upset about your childhood, what your parents didn't give you or even someone in your every day life, then I'm probably not your gal. BUT if you want to embrace the glory, beauty and joy of who you are, then I'd like to help you REMEMBER your infinite nature, RECONNECT your awareness to Infinite Intelligence (God, Source Energy, the Divine) and HELP YOU help yourself so you can SERVE others. We are here on Earth to do these things: create, have fun, learn new things and serve others. That's it. If that's what you're about, come on down!                                      

CLICK HERE to order your session with 1 payment of $1497.00 NOW!

CLICK HERE to order your session with 3 payments of $499.00 NOW! 

"My business wouldn't be nearly as successful and meaningful to me as it is today without the help of Baeth Davis and her LIVE, one-on-one hand analysis session. Before working with Baeth, I was busy working with the countless clients I loved but feeling crunched by the hamster wheel of the day-to-day "grind". Something was seriously missing from my business and my life. There was a growing part of the way I approached Client Attraction that I'd been sweeping under the rug, keeping quiet about and not feeling that I could reveal to the world, especially to my clients. I knew that I had a BIGGER calling than teaching entrepreneurs the tricks of marketing to get clients. Something needed to accompany that, and I felt it in every cell of my body, but I didn't know what it was or how to figure it out. Then I found Baeth.

Within a few minutes, Baeth's Hand Analysis Session not only showed me my Life Purpose (the one I'd been wondering about for my ENTIRE life!) but also the life lessons I needed to master before truly stepping into my heart work, the work that would give me joy and a deep sense of purpose every day.

Imagine finding out in just a few minutes what you'd been wondering your whole life! It's incredibly gratifying.

When you know your calling and your greater purpose, your productivity goes up, your focus gets clearer, your motivation skyrockets and all the miscellaneous "stuff" in your life that used to pull you in different directions simply falls by the wayside. You get direction and clarity, for the first time. Priceless.

Since using the information from Baeth's Hand Analysis Session, I've made MAJOR changes to my business, becoming more authentic in marketing and incorporating my calling into my existing business to make it innovative and more powerful than it ever was. My clients see major changes in the results they're getting from our Client Attraction work and I'm happier than I've ever been. There's a sense of freedom and EASE that I'd never felt before, and the hamster wheel effect is completely gone.

I send practically everyone I know to Baeth Davis - clients and friends alike - and enthusiastically encourage them to work with her in any capacity they can. It's been a transformation for all of my entrepreneur clients because her system offers something so needed. If you haven't tried Baeth's Hand Analysis Session, you may be struggling for no good reason, and the answer is right there for you. Go for it! It'll change your life the way it did mine." -- Fabienne Fredrickson, Client Attraction Mentor, Author, Speaker, ClientAttraction.com

CLICK HERE to order your session with 1 payment of $1497.00 NOW!

CLICK HERE to order your session with 3 payments of $499.00 NOW! 

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