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"I can't believe how things have changed since encountering Baeth's hand analysis system just 5 months ago. I am attracting more of what I want in my life - both personally and professionally. I have great clarity about the type of client I want to work with, and have attracted 5 of these clients this week alone! This is incredible for me.

My life has become richer than I could ever have imagined. I knew that Baeth was the next key person to support me in my journey."

- Kim DeYoung
Kim DeYoung
Woodbridge, CT

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. Baeth Davis
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Baeth Davis, "The Hand Analyst," is a professional hand analyst specializing in non-predictive palmistry. She helps female entrepreneurs, small business owners and women experiencing major life transitions to discover the calling of their souls and create practical, pragmatic business plans to make their unique life purposes both meaningful AND profitable.

The key information to your business success, quite literally, rests in the palms of your hands. Baeth reads your palms, translating the "life map" there so you can navigate your life successfully. She transforms knowledge into wisdom and inspires you with flames of passion for the unique life that is 100% yours!

Peggy Baldwin
Professional Cellist

"Before working with Baeth, I felt trapped in my life. Self-doubt pervaded my career and my finances. After Baeth's palm reading, I learned to value myself. I now know that anything is possible because I am in control of my destiny. I recently completed my cello CD and just signed on with a radio promoter. I'm on 32 radio stations so far! Baeth translated the map in my palms, giving me the direction I needed to forge my destiny, my way!"
- Peggy Baldwin, Professional Cellist

Baeth's insight and wisdom into the human soul has been featured in the following publications:

* Cosmopolitan (Click here to read Baeth's Tip #34 in the article, 55 Things You Can Learn About a Guy in 10 Minutes.)

* Women's World  * Los Angeles Times

* The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams,
by Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D.

She was a featured guest on Lifetime Television's, "Head to Toe," where she gave the make-over candidate a life-purpose palm reading. She was interviewed by Wil Wheaton, star of the popular movie, Stand by Me, for BBC 5, which was broadcast in the U.K. to over six million listeners in addition to interviews with NPR, Radio Europe, and KPFK-Los Angeles.

Making her home in Tucson, Arizona, Baeth regularly presents her seminar, "Your Life Purpose is in YOUR Hands" Literally! at local resorts and is a sought-after guest on television and radio.

    How Depression Led to Baeth's Transformation

Baeth was frustrated and depressed, in a job that neither fulfilled the longing of her soul for meaning nor used her skills as an intuitive, generous, business-savvy advisor. At the insistence of a friend, Baeth finally submitted herself to a hand analysis session. She discovered that her life purpose was to assist others in building successful, spiritually-oriented businesses. But first, she had to create her own business.

She packed up her belongings, put them in storage, bought a car online and left Los Angeles on a road trip. She deemed her journey, "The Hands of America Tour," and printed up magnets of the same title for her car. Her goal was to read hands in all 50 states. She made it to about 10 states before she fell in love with her now-husband, Mark.

While this journey unfolded, she traveled back and forth from California studying with various mentors in hand analysis, including Richard Unger, Master Hand Analyst, from whom she received a certification in his unique hand analysis system, which is the only system in the world that determines your life purpose from your fingerprints (Baeth teaches and certifies hand analysts in this system). Baeth also immersed herself in the teachings of history's greatest palmists, including William Benham, Fred Gettings and Cheiro. Eventually, she found herself reading hands full-time. Baeth is also deeply grateful to her mentors Terry-Linn Snider, Alana Unger and Ronelle Coburn for helping her understand the hand analysis database both logically and intuitively.

Now a successful entrepreneur, Baeth is sought by women from all over the world to clarify their own journeys, inner and outer, in order to live their lives with purpose AND profit. Is it time you got PAID for YOUR PASSIONS?

Baeth is deeply honored and grateful that her own life purpose is helping you find and live your life purpose.

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