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"Before working with Baeth and experiencing her palm reading, I was burned-out and had no clear direction about what I wanted to do in the professional world.

Today, I have a practical plan for my profitable and fulfilling coaching business. I have launched a powerful web site, ezine and blog. I now feel joy and purpose in my life.

This phenomenal change started as the result of my palm reading session with Baeth. Baeth then worked with me as a coach to help me create a strategic plan to make the Life Purpose she found in my palms, "the Powerful Innovative Healer for Families,"
a reality.

Baeth's encouragement and love have provided me with the courage to take one baby step after another to reach my very big goal.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to transform their business dreams into an every day reality!"
- Jane Minkley
Jane Minkley
Master of Education
The Coming Out Advisor,

The surprising personality secret right at your fingertips!

New scientific studies prove that a person’s hands reveal what they’re really like!

Hand analysts have always known your fingers reveal plenty about your personality, but now a University of Alberta study has found proof. Turns out the length of a person’s fingers reveals how much of the hormones testosterone and estrogen they were exposed to in the womb – hormones that greatly affect character and temperament! Here’s how to analyze your own fingers – or someone else’s!

Your index finger reveals your leadership!

A long index finger means you’re a leader!

A short index finger? You’re a team player!

This finger represents how much take-charge aptitude a person has, says hand analyst Baeth Davis of www.handanalyst.com . “If it’s longer than your ring finger, you’re a born leader and commander, with a lot of pride, ambition and confidence,” she explains. “In fact, most CEOs have long index fingers.” If you’re not the boss now, people already probably follow your lead. If it’s the same or shorter than your ring finger, you probably prefer to decide things by consensus.

Your middle finger tells whether you’re a rebel!

Long middle finger? You’re detailed-oriented!

Short middle finger? You’re a rebel!

The middle finger, all jokes aside, measures how much discipline you have, says Davis. “If it’s the same length as your index finger, you’re probably rebellious; you’re a person who doesn’t like rules and doesn’t like to conform,” she explains. “If it’s much longer than the index finger, you’re probably very detail-oriented, disciplined and take things very seriously. You do things by the book.”

Your ring finger foretells your social life!

A short ring finger means you’re a great close friend!

A long ring finger? You’re a natural performer!

“If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you’re extroverted and creative. You likely crave the spotlight and love being the center of attention.” You probably love to sing, dance or act whenever you get the chance. “If you pay attention, you’ll notice that most performers have long ring fingers.” If it’s shorter than you index finger, you’re probably a bit more serious, more reserved and not as outgoing in social situations. But you make a great close friend!

Your pinkie finger reveals how much you communicate!

A long pinkie means you’re a natural talker!

Short pinkie? You’re likely an introvert.

“This is the communication finger; it reveals how well you can get your message across,” Davis says. If it extends to or past the top knuckle of your finger, “you’re very in tune with others and would make an excellent public speaker.”  You love good discussions and can talk with anyone for hours! People with smaller pinkies are often more introspective. “They also tend to be very tough on themselves, and may not realize how great they really are!”

42 WOMAN’S WORLD 8/30/05

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