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Shauanna's Story: The Gift of Hell (Part 2)
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Shauna's Left Hand

In Part One, we explored how Shauanna Fouhy’s traumatic head injury forced her to find a new way of living and being in the world. [You can read Part One here.] 

Shauanna shares with us more of her personal journey:

"I have always been intrigued by what lies beneath appearances. Forays into my own inner sanctum were simply part of my normal workings. Because I was fairly adept at going under and returning home basically unscathed, it came as a tremendous shock when I fell through the rifts and craters created by the heavings of my own Great Soul. Never before had I felt lost being here. Not only was I lost but all the maps I had used to orient myself about in the world had been rendered useless in the alien landscape I now encountered. I could find no familiarity, no North Star, no magnetic pulling toward Center and Home. I was not in Kansas (Montana) anymore!

"In my own personal experience the gifts of mythology, story and  archetypes were lifesaving. When I could not find understanding of my circumstances from the world around me, I found the threads of meaning in ancient tales of Descent and the Underworld. The only way I could live with the pain moving through my body and oozing out into every aspect of my life was to begin treating my story as a sacred journey.

"That one step alone changed how I saw myself and my current circumstances.”

Shauanna’s ability to access and utilize this underworld showed up in her hands!

This is HOW Shauanna uses this gift with others:

“Many times I ask my clients how they would choose to live their life if they believed it was sacred.  I ask them to imagine their pain as a Divine Prayer they are offering to the World Soul. I begin to teach them the Art of Attentive Surrender which was a process gifted to me during some of my darkest days. I share with them the ancient tales which begins to revive the aspect of our Soul who speaks to us in story and metaphor.  I show them that our intellect, no matter how developed, will not save us on this journey. We must get beneath the workings of our small minds which live in terror of the uncharted depths of the Great Soul.

I help them to open to their Dream Bodies that act as direct interfaces   with the Great Soul. I help them to bear the exposure they will experience as the most shameful and despised parts of themselves demand a say by providing them simple tools and exercises for the Art of Allowing.

Always I remind them that the heaving of the Great Soul is not personal but awfully (awe-full-y) intimate. In our surface lives whatever cannot contain the awakening and birthing through of the Great Soul either listens to this Divine command and grows to accommodate the deepening and widening required or it is shattered and destroyed. This is not personal.  It just IS.”

You can find out more about Shaunna at whenthegreatsoulheaves.com.


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