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Kendall SummerHawk: From Shoveling Dirt To Counting Cash
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Kendall SummerHawkWhen I walked into the Tucson Coaches Alliance meeting in November, 2006, I simply was not prepared. There, at the far end of the room, stood Kendall SummerHawk, "The Horse Whisperer For Business," holding court and answering the many questions being asked by her ardent admirers.

She was dressed in a feminine, dusky Persian-blue blouse and long, flowing skirt that made her appear from another century and yet, her clothing suited her perfectly. She must have seen me gaping at her when she looked me right in the eyes. I looked back into her sparkling blue peepers, rooted where I stood. I decided I would approach her at the end of the meeting and find out why I felt like I'd been hit by a small lightning bolt.

It's not every day that I meet someone who knocks me off-kilter in the best kind of way. It's now been just over a year since I met Kendall and what a year it's been! Kendall hired me as her coach (an honor to say the least - as she is certainly an IDEAL CLIENT!) not long after that meeting and she generously gave me permission to share her story with you.

"Shoveling Dirt"

As a little girl, Kendall's dad had her working hard, digging ditches, shoveling dirt and moving heavy equipment from one place to another. She reports he was quite the task master, never fully satisfied. Her mother, meantime, told Kendall she could achieve anything she wanted. This conflicting input helped shape Kendall's perspective - work is "hard" (and without rewards) and "I can do anything" - which created BIG pressure to achieve, achieve, achieve.

As a young woman entering the world of business, this perspective first found her waitressing tables: hard work with paltry pay that nevertheless won her loyal patrons for her "great service." Then she put herself through school to learn computer programming and found herself working 60 or more hours a week for little pay and difficult clients. Her employees, business partners and certain individuals in her personal life also seemed to take more than they gave. So Kendall gave more, and in the process, nearly bankrupted herself and strained her adrenal system.

"Counting Cash"

Working hard and proving herself became a familiar habit. After finding herself in love with the coaching model and creating information products, her business began to turn a corner. Kendall helps people determine their brand identity and leverage that into multiple streams of income. By 2006, when we met, Kendall had hit the low six-figure mark in income. At the end of this year, the year we coached together, she reported to me that she just cleared the half-million mark! Go, Kendall!

I asked her, "Did our coaching influence this remarkable leap in income?" "You betcha," she said.

"Tell me more, I said.

"When I met you, I KNEW I had to coach with you because of your intuitive skills. I knew your intuitive skills would help me connect more with my own so I would be more inwardly focused. That awareness, combined with the understanding my Life Purpose [from my hands] as the Innovative Spiritual Leader, and my Life Lesson, "emotional authenticity," led to the creation of my Brand Authenticity Master Mind (BAMM). That happened right on a coaching call with you!"

"And your income increase? How does that tie in here?"

"You helped me think more broadly. I realized I could charge a lot more for personalized, private programs and also offer other products and services that made my expertise accessible to many people. I decided I wanted to be available to a few people in an exclusive way, and available to a lot of people in a way that didn't demand I was always on the phone. With the help of my team coaches, increased information product production and group tele-classes, I could share myself with many more people versus serving them one-by-one-by-one [like she did as a waitress!]. For those people that do want my services one-on-one, they pay a premium price and get the deluxe version."

And THAT is how Kendall SummerHawk went from shoveling dirt to counting cash. In her words, she found a way to "connect money with soul - because you need both to have a business that allows you to live your Soul's Divine Mission(tm)."

The Hand Analyst's Palm Pilot Push Up for the week:

How can you offer a premium, deluxe version of your expertise? Make a short list of your favorite clients and then schedule a time with them to pick their brains and find out what they would want more of from you. Offer to take them to lunch or make a donation to their favorite charity in their name for their time. Then CREATE the program they help you create and offer it to them. They will thank you!


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