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Jocelyn Cochrane: Soaring Out of Stuck-Ville – Part TWO
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Name: Jocelyn Cochrane
Hails From: New England
Personal: Married, with three teenage children
Professional: Works long shifts in the healthcare field
Dream: To Live Her Life Purpose!

In Part ONE, we took at a look at Jocelyn's "Success" Life Purpose. To get her rolling,  her Tall Poppy advisors suggested that Jocelyn sing short songs as gifts to her clients as they walked out the door on their way home. Jocelyn enthusiastically agreed to this challenge. She knew it could help her honor her singing gift and also give her the opportunity to connect intimately with others in an original and loving way.

Now, let's explore some of the other gifts in Jocelyn's hands:

Lines of Genius = gifted author and speaker

If you look at the hand print above, the Lines of Genius are vertical lines on the tip of Jocelyn's little finger. If you have these lines, you, like Jocelyn, possess a "genius" for making complex ideas simple - through communication. This gift, therefore, is often referred to as the mark of the gifted author and speaker. Singing/songwriting, acting, teaching, brainstorming, professional storytelling and other communication avenues can be great outlets for someone with this gift.

Anytime a gift shows up in the hand, it carries with it a penalty. The 'penalty' ensures that you USE the gift. The penalty for unused Lines of Genius is chasing your tail. I have this gift marking and I know when I need to be writing because big piles of paper start accumulating. I then sort through them over and over, thinking, "Yes, I've got to get to that one day." Instead, the antidote with this gift is to "just do it" - just aim for the primary communication task (writing, speaking, etc.) and make it happen NOW. Otherwise, the frustration becomes incapacitating and agonizing. Just ask a gifted author and speaker who isn't "just doing it!" For Jocelyn, it means singing her song daily!

Moon Stars = psychic 'flashes' and intuitive knowing

Notice the little asterisk-shaped stars on the lower part of Jocelyn's palm near the wrist beneath her little finger. These markers indicate that Jocelyn has psychic 'flashes' of insight. Psychic ability is located in the frontal cortex of your brain - that area just behind the skull of your forehead. When we say someone is psychic, they see PICTURES of what is possible - not necessarily what IS, mind you, just pictures of what is POSSIBLE. These pictures can be dark or light in their meaning, but they are clues.

Intuitive ability comes from our gut, our intestines. This is a knowing that is instant and typically unemotional. In fact, strong emotions tend to block psychic and intuitive ability.

If Jocelyn doesn't heed the messages of her Moon Stars, she will go into the penalty box. The penalty for this gift is stagnation - both mentally and in her physical surroundings. She may even find that her body becomes sluggish and slows down from the backed up energy of messages that have been ignored. In advanced cases, the owner of a Moon Star(s) may suffer a spiritual crisis where life lacks meaning and purpose.

Neptune Stars = archetypal understanding of life's deeper meaning

Observe the little asterisk-shaped stars on the lower part of Jocelyn's palm just above the center portion of her wrist. These stars are named after Neptune, God of the Sea. Someone with this gift is curious about the emotional and psychological structures that give our lives meaning. The interest can show up as a fascination with ritual, archetypes and the lore of the gods and goddesses. Typically, someone with this gift has great compassion for people with physical and/or mental disabilities and has a "sixth sense" in understanding their inner world and how it is constructed.

The penalty for not using this gift is the sensation of drowning in emotions - tears and grief. Many times, these emotions aren't those of the owner, but emotions picked up from those around them. It is important that the owner of a Neptune Star(s) has an appropriate outlet to share this gift such as teaching workshops, hospice work or working with the disabled.

Jupiter Star = gifted leader

Jocelyn is a gifted leader. You can see the asterisk-shaped star beneath her index finger.  Jocelyn needs territory to rule over. But does she know it? The penalty for not being in a leadership role is hiding out, being the power behind the throne, rather than the Queen sitting in it. If she continues to avoid her call to power, she may be drawn to charismatic leaders who use Jocelyn's skills and life-force energy to achieve their ambitions, while hers get left in the dust.

The remedy? Sit in your throne and claim your authority. Who, indeed, is the BOSS of you?

As you can clearly see, Jocelyn is a very gifted woman. The challenge with so many gifts is to use them on a regular basis so they don't go into their penalty phase.


© 2008 The Hand Analyst, Inc. Baeth Davis is "The Hand Analyst"
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