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Jocelyn Cochrane: Soaring Out of Stuck-Ville – Part ONE
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Name: Jocelyn Cochrane
Hails From: New England
Personal: Married, with three teenage children
Professional: Works long shifts in the healthcare field
Dream: To Live Her Life Purpose!

Jocelyn's Life Purpose can be found in the fingerprint on her right thumb. Her Life Purpose is to experience the exhilaration of completing and achieving her biggest dreams. She is results-oriented, a doer. Her Life Purpose, in a nutshell, is "success."

If "success" is your Life Purpose, it's essential that you define success on your own terms, not someone else's. And therein lies the issue for Jocelyn. (Remember that your Life Purpose can sometimes seem challenging to discover and accept.) Jocelyn has achieved tremendous success by anyone's standards: she has a professional degree, is respected in her profession, owns her own home with her husband, and her children are doing well. However, something has been missing. Jocelyn felt stuck and lost in her own movie. What was REAL success for her?

Jocelyn admitted to us that she loves to sing. On a dare, I challenged her at the Tall Poppy to sing for us - and she did! Well, it turns out that Jocelyn has a performance-level singing voice and did musical theater for many years. No surprise since she has a "fame & fortune" star (the Apollo Star) under her ring finger and a long line cutting through that star, known as the "professional artist line." What does this all mean? Jocelyn MUST get 'regular spotlight' (applause from a live audience) as well as be paid for some sort of creative endeavor. (She also has a star on the lower zone of her thumb which can often indicate vocal skills.) Of course, she'd barely been singing, except alone in her car.

But the plot thickens. If you look at her hand print above, you'll notice a series of vertical lines that look like rain falling beneath her little finger on the palm. This is a gift marker known as the "gifted healer." You need at least 4 verticals to qualify for this gift - and Jocelyn has 8! She is the "healer to healers" - the healer OTHER HEALERS prefer for healing guidance.

So, in addition to being paid for her creativity, Jocelyn also needs to also be paid as a professional healer in some capacity or the gift begins to affect her intimate relationships. Why? Healing requires intimacy with ourselves and others. Intimacy, according to Webster's Dictionary, means "revealing our innermost self to another." As healers, if we deny this truth-telling in our professional lives, it affects us where it most hurts - in our own romantic/personal life. So to turn up the juice in her marriage, Jocelyn MUST do her healing work. 

The Tall Poppy advisors also suggested that Jocelyn sing short songs as gifts to her clients as they were leaving her place of employment. Jocelyn enthusiastically agreed to this challenge. She knew it could help her honor her singing gift and also give her the opportunity to connect intimately with others in an honoring and loving way.

Find out more in Part TWO.


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