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"Is 'Family' Your Business?" Featuring Melora Hardin, star on NBC's The Office
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin has appeared in over 60 television programs and movies. She starred in the TV programs Cover Me and Monk, and currently stars as former corporate manager, Jan Levinson, on NBC's The Office. She appeared in the film, Thank You For Smoking. She recently fulfilled a life-long dream when she played Fantine in Les Miserables at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles this past summer. You can catch her this spring in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

When I read Melora's hands in 2000, her strongest Life Purpose energies appeared as "family and community" in combination with being an "artist called to the spotlight." Sometimes, a person's Life Purpose is creating and growing a family and discovering how to balance that with creative pursuits that may require individual, private focus and take one away from one's family. Ah, what to do when FAMILY IS YOUR BUSINESS?

It's interesting how this shows up in Melora's creative work. I said to Melora during our first reading, "You'll be involved in lots of creative projects with family themes."

I was watching The Office this past Thursday, and Michael, the boss, and Jan's (Melora's character) love interest, said to a new staffer after listening to her complaints about the unprofessionalism in the office, "Well, we're a family." The new staffer was not pleased with his response. I smiled, remember that reading from eight years ago.

Melora recently told me when I reminded her of our conversation, "That's right. I do a lot of work with family themes. In fact, Gildart (Melora's husband) and I just finished a film about a man who must raise his daughter on his own after the tragic death of his beloved wife. The film, "YOU," is a powerful meditation on loss, love, and carrying on. The mother appears throughout the film, helping the husband to go on with his life and raise their daughter."

Melora graciously held up her hands for the picture above. Let's take a deeper look at what her hands have to say!

From Melora's fingerprints:

  • Life School(s): Peace + Wisdom = "peaceful risk-taking" (Risking without panicking.)
  • Life Purpose: Family/Community/Collaboration in the Spotlight = Challenge is to balance
  • Life Lesson: Power in the World (overcoming issues of powerlessness; helpless overwhelm; feeling trapped by the demands of others in positions of authority; hiding in someone's shadow, thinking someone else makes up the rules. What are the 'rules anyway?)

The KEY to Melora's success (in her hands) is to own her incredible power in the world and set HIGH goals for her OWN creative work. She will bring great success to the work of others through her team-spirit and collaborative nature, but does she allow herself to stand apart and be celebrated for her own creative originality and inspiration? She has a strong, tall index finger on her right hand so she is a natural leader. Since her Life Lesson fingerprint is on this same finger, the goal is truly to OWN the power with gusto and glee!

It is important for Melora to remember that not only does her success help her connect more deeply with her own family, she shows others a new way to create through collaboration.

Melora's Business Niche from right hand finger zones:

Upper zone, ring finger = creative vision/visual arts
Upper zone, little finger = brainstorming expertise/storytelling/sales
Middle zone, middle finger = money in the bank/financial organization
Combination of zones: Financially Successful Visual Storyteller (In other words, movies are Melora's milieu.)

Melora's Gift Markings

Gifted Healer (both hands, series of verticals under little fingers)
Line of Clairvoyance (left hand, half-moon shaped line encircling part of palm across from the thumb)
Apollo Star (right hand, asterisk-shaped star under right ring finger)
Seer Star clusters (both hands, asterisk-shaped stars, middle zones of the thumbs)

Melora has two gifts in the communication zone of the hand: the gifted healer, and the line of clairvoyance (the subject of this month's Mastermind call). As a gifted healer, Melora's work involves inspiring people to be all they can be through communication. Her line of clairvoyance makes her a spiritual guide to others, showing them a more holistic, authentic way to live.

These gifts, in combination with her Seer Stars, give Melora an uncanny ability to see future trends in her industry as well as society at large. With these gifts, Melora is officially a "woman of wisdom." Her Apollo Star indicates "fame and fortune in the arts," a gift she is fulfilling successfully right now in her life.

Melora's spotlight will be amplified the more she brings spiritual, holistic stories about families to the big screen.

You'll notice in the photograph that Melora's left little finger is standing apart from the other fingers. This indicates independence of thought. Melora also has head lines that are over a quarter inch apart from her life lines, also indicating independence of thought. When it comes to communicating her ideas and solutions, Melora seeks herself as the final judge and jury, taking in all the information she can before coming to her own conclusions. Given her Life Lesson with issues of giving up her power, this independence of thought truly serves and protects her, helping her, in the final analysis, to follow her own inner guidance, no matter what the status quo may imply.

For Melora, creating a family, being a part of a family and being a creative artist in the world are all about collaboration without giving away one's vision or capitulating to the vision of another.


© 2008 The Hand Analyst, Inc. Baeth Davis is "The Hand Analyst."
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