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How The MOON Can Help You Plan Your Business
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

That's not clip art - that's the full moon coming up over the mountains on Christmas Eve as seen from our deck. Ain't she lovely?

My husband and I keep track of the moon's cycles in our Outlook calendars so we can be sure to be somewhere with a fantastic view when the moon is full. When we got married, we had a full moon with a complete ring of mist surrounding it. I have been a moon-lover ever since!

In addition to giving me great pleasure, the moon has taught me about the power of cycles. Cycles can be charted and tracked so that you are prepared much more often than you are surprised by life's ever-spinning dance. Nature lives according to cycles - and so do we.

I have a deck of "Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., and I pulled this card the other day, which was the inspiration for today's ezine: Maeve: Cycles and Rhythms. Maeve says, "Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions."

You can buy this gorgeous deck of cards here

When I'm planning for the year, I factor in the following cycles:

Daily: I schedule intense work during high-energy times. I take breaks/nap during low-energy times.

Weekly: Friday is my marketing day. Saturday and Sunday are left BLANK. (I don't run errands much these days and never on weekends - I have someone do that for me. Are you spending your precious free time running lots errands?)

Monthly: NOTHING scheduled during my menstrual cycle - especially NO client meetings, big projects, workshops or other events. I typically need extra sleep during this time and my dreams and visions are very intense. I like to be able to capture the depth of this part of my cycle by doing a lot of journaling. If you are in menopause or past it, you may still find that you have high-energy and low-energy cycles each month. Honor them.

Yearly: I don't like to work a lot during the summer. It's my favorite season and I like to have the time to rest, play, and travel. I also need at least three long vacations during the year (two weeks in the spring, two weeks in August and two weeks during Christmas), so these get scheduled in during the December before the new year arrives. Autumn is a VERY high energy time for me. Also, January, March, and May are very high energy months for my particular cycles. 

When are your vacations happening this year? If you're building your business and on a budget, plan a special vacation by clearing your calendar and either staying at home or acting as if you're a tourist in your home town or city. Also, schedule in your marketing cycle so you have lots of time to plan for and market your products, services and special events.

The MOON in YOUR HANDS represents mystery, magic, illusion, sexual fantasy, intuition, and instinctive rhythms. What is your MOON Quotient these days?


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