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"FOCUS - It's In YOUR Hands!"
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Since we'll be covering this topic on next Thursday's Self-Mastery Mastermind, I thought I'd give you a little taste of what's to come. Many of you have asked how to find the focus to finish what you start. Let's see what YOUR hands have to say about this vital action called "focus."

If you look at the image below (of my left hand print about nine months ago), you'll see a black vertical line, called the Saturn line, that starts at the wrist and heads up toward the index ("Jupiter") finger. At the end of this line's journey, it's met with a "grill" of lines - creating a bit of a roadblock that I'll explain in a minute.

Here are few things to keep in mind:

  1. Not everyone has a Saturn line and some people have several or more!
  2. Your Saturn line, if you have one, is different in some way from everyone else's
  3. If you're LEFT-handed, your left hand shows who you are out in the world - your career self and if you're RIGHT-handed, your right hand shows who you are out in the world. Your non-dominant hand shows who you are at home - your personal self.

The Saturn line, also known as the career line or fate line, shows me your ability to FOCUS in three key ways:

  • How you focus and complete (or don't focus and complete) a single task or project
  • How you focus and complete (or don't focus and complete) projects during your lifetime
  • How you handle key events and commitments in your life

Using the example below, I'm going to translate it VERY literally. In looking at any marker on the hand, speaking about it literally reveals the "hidden" meaning that wouldn't be obvious without this basic hand analysis skill.

In our example, the Saturn line starts at the wrist. Think of your wrist as "the beginning." So I've had drive and focus from a very young age. Towards the end of the line, it veers toward the index (Jupiter) finger, indicating ambition. This particular Saturn line also terminates in a "grill" - which closely approximates a tic-tac-toe box. A grill operates like one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes. So, here's my interpretation of my Saturn line:

With a single project, I tend to start out great guns, but get slowed down toward the end. If you look at the line - it does exactly that! The line starts out with a roar but then hits a road block at the end. Fascinating, yes?! Lesson: I am committed to finishing what I start. Knowing that I have this challenge makes finishing all the more important, as well as being very careful what I say "yes" to in the first place (those events and commitments). The cool thing is - lines can appear and disappear. I'm working on removing this grill!

Over the course of my life time, if I read the line in terms of now - and everything in the hand is best read in terms of now - if I keep going the way I'm going, I'm going to be very successful, but have the potential to be frequently overwhelmed by all of my commitments, causing me to stop and start - one foot on the gas, one foot on the brakes. So, in my case, less is definitely more!

And since this is my left hand, and I'm dominant right-handed, this has to do with projects and events at home. The grill at the end can also indicate challenges with "contracts" - in this case, with the family, since it's on my "personal" hand. So if I do any "business" - yet another Saturn term - with anyone in my family, we have to put it in writing so there isn't confusion later!


Now, take a look at YOUR Saturn lines. Remember that your dominant hand reveals how you expend energy and focus in your professional life and your non-dominant hand relates to your personal life. If you have multiple Saturn lines very close to each other, you're probably working over-time. If you have multiple Saturn lines a quarter inch or more apart, your energy and focus may be scattered.

If you don't have a Saturn line, you may not be driven by the "tasks" in your life, but by other things such as a need to creatively express or travel. Of course, many people with Saturn lines, myself included, like to travel and create. And if your Saturn line starts at your wrist and goes right up to your middle finger, chances are that you absolutely finish what you start - even if you don't like the project!

Saturn lines starting at the wrist indicate inner focus at a young age. Saturn lines emerging from the non-thumb side of the palm indicate that you are moved to take action based on the influence of external events and have an interest in the metaphysical and occult.

Until next time... remember to think BIG and focus only on what you want - not what you don't want.


© 2007 The Hand Analyst, Inc. Baeth Davis is "The Hand Analyst"
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