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"Are You a Nester or a Traveler?"
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Your love of or disinterest in travel is indicated by the "life line" in your palms. Your life line is NOT an indicator of the length of your life but rather it tells me about your ability to rest and take time off from work, how safe you feel in your body and on the planet, your family and security issues, and whether you have a "tight leash" keeping you close to home or a wanderer's heart.

The life line is the line that encircles the mount at the base of your thumb. This mount is called the Mount of Venus. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. This mount reveals your "appetite" for life. If the mount is full, your appetite is healthy. If it's bursting from your hand, your appetites might sometimes get your into trouble. And if the mount is flattened, you might not be engaging the fun side of life as much as you could.

If you think of the mount of Venus as your castle, your life line is the moat protecting your castle. If the line is long and strong, you are able to access your "lust for life" and make time for all that life offers - love, work, play, rest - keeping your castle healthy and strong. If the life line is short, unraveling, bubbled or marked with dots or x's, energy may be leaking from your castle - and the moat - your life line - needs to be shored up in order to protect your castle more effectively. Many people find relief in meditation, yoga and other forms of exercise, and learning to do less, delegate or simply find a more satisfying profession.

If the life line swings wide around the Mount of Venus, you probably love to travel. Also, diagonal lines moving downward from the life line toward the other side of your hand can indicate journeys to other places. If the life line is pulled in tight on the Mount of Venus - in other words, it's closer toward your thumb than the center of your hand, then you probably like to nest, living and working at home or in the same town.

See the illustrations below for more clarity.

Sample Hand 2

Sample Hand 3

Please note that graphic above should read, "Owner likes to live and work near or in hometown."

What does your life line reveal about your desire or lack thereof to travel? If you like to nest, have you made your nest your sanctuary? If you like to travel, when was the last time you took a trip you really wanted to take?

Until next time, remember to believe and be willing to receive all that you desire!!!

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