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A Writer's Confession, Plus 3 Writing Markers in the Hands
by Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Writers Fork in Hand

We're going to look at these 3 writing markers in the hands:

  1. The Lines of Genius
  2. A long/large upper zone of the Mercury (pinky) finger
  3. The writer's fork

But first, I want to share with you an excerpt from my journal that's "on writing" itself:

"When writing words you intend others to read, there needs to be a modicum of  good taste, a desire to communicate ideas and points of view, without alienating everyone who dares to take a peek.

However, where is that line? Ultimately, the writer must decide. I have burned many journals - fully aware posterity might find them titillating or at the very least, offensive. The words were written for only one reader - me. In fact, I don't write in my journal to read what I've written (usually) - I write to know what I'm thinking.

And my audience is a compassionate professor - Professor Cosmos. He listens, takes notes, helps me find the rhythm. For the pure joy of writing itself. It is so simple - the hard part is to sit down and write.

And I think, finally, after many years of searching for an answer, I have discovered why. It's the same reason I've burned a lot of my journals - it's the shame of confronting my real self - a self no writer has ever mirrored back to me in all my years of insatiable reading. Some writers have come close... but perhaps that is the real reason I write - to have a spiritual connection with my own soul. If I were to write what I really think, feel, dream about - well, it would mean learning to be unconcerned with the opinions of others." [And that dear reader, is MY Life Lesson in a nutshell!]

So, why do YOU write?

Now, we're going to look at 3 markers in the hands to discover other reasons why people write.

1. The Lines of Genius

If you look at the hand-draw illustration at the beginning of this article, notice the vertical lines on the upper tip of the Mercury finger. (The finger is named after Mercury, the Messenger God.) If you have these lines, it means you have a "genius" for making complex ideas SIMPLE. How do you do this? As a gifted author, speaker, singer/songwriter, or other type of performer/artist who has a special message to deliver to a large audience.

Because the Lines of Genius are considered a gift marker in the hand, you need to use the gift or incur the "penalty." The penalty for not sharing your special message is the experience of chasing your tail - going nowhere fast. You may find you're constantly digging through piles of papers or endlessly researching during your scheduled writing time. The "medicine" for this penalty is to "just do it." Other gift markers have more detailed remedies but when it comes to communicating your message to the masses, you need to do it - and do it NOW.

An example of writers who make abstract, conceptual ideas easy to understand  include Wayne Dyer (spiritual teacher/author), Caroline Myss (medical intuitive/teacher/author) and Stephen Hawking (award-winning physicist).

2. A large/long upper zone of the Mercury (pinky) finger

Fingers are typically divided into three zones. (Sometimes the Mercury finger will be divided into four zones. This indicator means the owner will have to dedicate extra energy to making sure they communicate clearly and are understood.) The upper zones of the fingers represent our connection to the heavens, to the Divine, and all things invisible and abstract. If the longest/largest zone on your Mercury finger is the upper zone, you are a storyteller. You may prefer to write or speak or sing your stories, but you are known for weaving a great tale and illuminating life's lessons through story.

Examples of gifted storytellers include: Rachel Remen (author/healer), Bob Dylan (singer/songwriter), Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author).

3. The writer's fork

This is a small, Y-shaped fork at the end of your head line. If you have a writer's fork, you have a talent for technical and non-fiction writing. Your gift is explaining things - how to assemble something, how to fix something, how to change your life.

Examples of writer's fork owners include: Me, non-fiction "how to" writers everywhere, and technical writers.



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